Our domes can be seasonal or permanent, ranging from 5,000 square feet up to nearly limitless size. We have the largest dome in the world, spanning the length of 10 football fields.

Seasonal domes are often used over synthetic turf fields or tennis courts needing to be used outdoors during favorable weather but covered during either cold, wet winter months or extremely hot summer months. These domes are often a profitable revenue generator for schools or athletics clubs who install and rent the dome out during winter months.

These domes are anchored in a foundation that can be completely hidden underneath the turf when the dome is not in use. In most states, domes up shorter than 180 days a year are exempt from many permanent structure building codes such as requiring building permits from the city.
Permanent domes can stand alone or be attached to other permanent buildings, such as an athletic welcome center, offices, etc.

Our permanent domes are used in a wide variety of applications, including as athletic facilities, community event centers, school research centers, manufacturing facilities and storage, to cover pools or hockey rinks, etc.