We are the only major dome manufacturer to never have a catastrophic dome failure

Broadwell has over 130 operational domes around the world with NO catastrophic failures. Every other manufacturer has had multiple catastrophic failures, with several being sued by clients for multiple reasons including “defective design of the dome”, “negligent advice regarding operation of the dome operation”, gross errors in engineering, and quality so poor that it produced “rusted cables, leaks, and fabric separating”.


Broadwell has unbeatably low prices

We offer unbeatably low prices for a dome that is superior to our competitors in cost, quality, and safety.

How is this possible?


Less Overhead

Broadwell’s organizational structure minimizes overhead and streamlines our operations. Our operational costs are the lowest in the industry.


Cost-Effective Manufacturing

We have the largest manufacturing facility in the world with the most cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes.


Lower Margin

Unlike other companies, we will never begin a sales conversation with, “What is your budget?” This is because we will never cut corners in quality to produce a lower cost dome for you. We will also never charge you more for a dome just because your budget is higher. The Broadwell mission is to provide the highest quality dome possible at the lowest price. We care about the ongoing success of our clients. We always give our customers the lowest price possible for the highest quality product.