Funding is a major hurdle for most dome clients. The following funding strategies have been utilized by dome clients:


Securing a loan using the dome as collateral. Initial investment paid off in 3-5 years via rental revenue.


Donor Network
Using donors for these domes is an increasingly popular approach. Includes offering naming rights of the facility.


Private Investors
The high revenue business case always attracts interest from investors. Investors fund dome and split revenue for a certain period of time. School takes full ownership of dome after contract.


Partnership with City Recreation
Partner with your local city recreation department to fund the dome and make use of it as a community center.


Student Funded
Student segregated fees as little as $10 per student per year fund the dome project.


Local businesses advertise on both the outside and inside of the dome.

Guaranteed rental from local athletic teams 
Local sports teams and clubs enter into a multi-year rental agreement before the dome is purchased.