Rental revenue can be very significant. Our revenue projections for schools looking for a seasonal winter dome, for example, are typically between $400-$600k for the winter months the dome will be up.


Dome rental activities might include the following:

● Local athletic and club team practice

● Intramural leagues

● Personal trainers or coaches

● Student assemblies and school activities

● Science fairs, competitions or other student activities

● Corporate events

● Weddings and family reunions

● Community movie nights

● Bubble Ball tournaments

● Indoor range for golf and baseball


Third Party Management Companies

Many clients express the desire to explore third party options to manage dome rentals and operations. There are several models available with management companies. Some management companies will pay the school a leasing fee for a set number of years to manage the facility and take part in the revenue generation for a certain number of hours per day. Other companies split rental time with the management company, who in turn splits utility and operating costs with the school.