An inflatable dome, “bubble” or air supported structure is a building formed from one or more layers of continuous flexible membrane anchored to the ground or to a wall. Air blowers continuously pump air into the structure, creating the necessary air pressure that allows the fabric envelope to stay inflated. Cooling or heating units can also be used to adjust air temperature.
Air structures offer great flexibility, and can be used as seasonal, permanent or temporary structures. They are built to meet all local building and safety codes, and they are structurally sound–even in inclement weather.
Benefits of a dome:
● Protects and increases useful life of field turf (see below).
Maximizes investment in field turf by enabling its use year-round. Enhances the community, athlete and student/youth experience.
●  Boosts local economy. Dome customers visit local business and boost the local economy.
Significant revenue generation. Seasonal domes can make more than $500,000 in rental revenue per winter. This helps to generate the necessary replacement costs of turf field every ~10 years.