Ongoing operational costs of our domes are drastically less than most other permanent structures of similar size. The carbon footprint of our domes are very low, as our engineers design every dome to be as energy efficient as possible. Our fabric has a high insulation value, and our air inflation units and highly efficient LED lighting require very low ongoing operating costs.




Contract signing, manufacturing, and installation of the domes takes a total of only several months. The installation of the dome itself is only between 7-14 days, depending on the size and complexity of the install.





Our domes have a useful life of 25-30 years with 15-20 year fabric warranties 




Our domes can be permanent, seasonal or for temporary applications.




Broadwell’s patented technology allows us to produce a dome that evenly disperses the uplift forces across the entire surface of the dome. Most other domes have uneven displacement of forces acting on the dome. This is a major reason Broadwell has never had a catastrophic failure and every other major dome manufacture has.

Our domes can be engineered to withstand winds of 150mph and snow loads of 50 lbs per square foot.





Broadwell domes can be designed to fit a wide variety of configurations. They can stand alone or be attached to other buildings. We can sometimes even design domes of abnormal shapes to fit over abnormally shaped spaces.




Our technology and innovation outpaces the rest of the industry. We are the only manufacturer with an app that allows you to monitor and control your air inflation unit from any smart device.




Having installed over 180 domes by the end of 2016, Broadwell has a perfect safety record with no catastrophic failures.




Our domes have many versatile applications. They can stand alone or be attached to a wide variety of buildings. They can be various shapes, sizes and colors we can produce a dome up to 180 meters wide and up to 90 meters high with nearly limitless length. We have the largest dome in the world, spanning the length of 10 football fields.