High Cost Efficiency

Our cost structure and unique, efficient manufacturing process allows us to offer the highest quality, lowest cost domes in the industry.

Perfect Safety Record

Our superior engineering and technology produce the safest domes in the world. They can be engineered to withstand up to 150 mph winds and 50 lbs per square foot of snow.

Superior Engineering and Technology

We have 30 dedicated engineers and over 50 patents Our progressive technology is unmatched.

Coming Super Bowl Weekend!

A Broadwell dome on the Las Vegas strip

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Broadwell has over 180 domes in 6 countries around the world

  • Sports and Entertainment

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      Our domes make sports more comfortable and safer year-round.

  • Industrial Warehousing

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      Our dome applications include mining, food storage, and warehousing.

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  • Exhibition and Other

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      Our domes are used for exhibition, agriculture, military, disaster response, and extreme environments.